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Bacoban is ideal for animal handling facilities including falcon breeding, camel farms, equine care, cattle breeding facilities, livestock, dog kennels, vet practices and for pet owners.

Comprehensive Infection Control

Bacoban‘s advanced formula uses nanotechnology to provide the strong protection needed to destroy the microorganisms on contaminated surfaces and maintain animal health.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that have been in contact with animals and poultry is a vital element in controlling bacteria and viral diseases.

A through pre-disinfection procedure is an important factor that determines the effectiveness of the outcome.

Bacoban Advanced Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Can be applied as part of a regulatory farm animal disease control programme. Disinfection plays an essential part to limit transmission of infectious diseases.
  • Reduces the odour of sewage and decaying carcasses.
  • Prevents pathogens and cross-contamination.
  • Suitable for general disinfection performed on farms, barns, stockyards, exhibition grounds, quarantine stations, zoological parks, abattoirs, poultry and fish farms and food processing plants.
  • Suitable for the disinfection of foot baths.
  • Ideal for hard surface disinfection in veterinary practices, veterinary hospitals and laboratories e.g. Floors, walls, tables, doors, handles, veterinary equipment, kennels and animal shelters.
  • Bacoban is a certified Class 2A medical device with proven 10 day lasting disinfection killing a wide range of pathogens. Its unique nanotechnology layer creates an easy-to-clean disinfected surface for smooth removal of urine and faecal odour from materials. (See full table)
  • Camel farms, falcon breeding facitlities, equestrian facilities, dairy farms, wildlife parks, feeding stations, stables and litter trays.
  • Bacoban Water based formulations are a suitable cleaner and disinfectant in areas where chemical residues must be avoided. E.g. In cases where animals are required to remain in the area to be disinfected.
  • Bacoban Nebuliser provides biocompatible disinfection that can be applied using the nebuliser system where a fine mist with biocidal effects disinfects hard to reach areas and surfaces providing full sterilisation within minutes.

Bacoban is ideal for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that have been in contact with animals and poultry.