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Bacoban, Value for Money, Consistent Performance

Every environment that sees a high volume of human traffic requires a deeper clean to ensure a good level of hygiene.

Bacoban offers lasting value for the many business sectors that want the best investment for their cleaning and disinfection processes. Keeping a high standard of hygiene is paramount. In response Bacoban’s advanced disinfectant formula has been designed to provide a robust performance with greater protection for more sensitive environments and high-demand areas where infection risk or cross contamination need to be eliminated.

Bacoban will impact your business by at least one of the following:

Cut Costs // Bacoban is a new generation cleaner and disinfectant.

  • Using multipurpose products enables staff to be more efficient in their cleaning regime, helping you to more effectively plan and reduce labour management
  • Higher productivity for each individual with potentially lower labour costs which normally accounts for more than 85% of overall cleaning and disinfection costs.
  • Spend money to save money.
  • Increase value by keeping areas disinfected and infected free, reducing lost business days, staff sickness, the cost of decontamination and the cost of company paid treatments.
  • High quality disinfection system that benefits everyone, staff, patients, cleaning staff, managers of infection control and directors for company budgets.

Cut Effort // Bacoban Ready-to Use-Formulations, Sprays and Disinfectant Wipes.

  • Flexibility of disinfection formulations optimises cleaning and disinfection practices.
  • Products that can do more than one job at a time helps managers to simplify staff cleaning routines.
  • Stocks and inventories made clearer, meaning less confusion and switching between products.

Cut Waste // Bacoban’s cleaner and disinfectant formula offers a one-step sustainable solution that eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals.

  • Reduction in chemicals being washed into drains and waste water systems.
  • Reduction of pollution to the environment and surrounding nature.

Cut Hazards // Bacoban’s non-leeching, ultra-thin coating acts like a sponge that adheres to the surface and discharges active ingredients through a controlled release mechanism when bacteria, viruses and fungi come into contact with the coating.

  • Suitable for cleaning many surfaces.
  • Broad range of anti-microbial activity.
  • Water based products offering advanced cleaning for alcohol-sensitive cleaning and disinfection.
  • Ready-to use provides correctly diluted solutions for safe cleaning and disinfection practices.
  • Biocompatible, environmentally friendly, sustainable.
  • Ensures significantly higher protection against the spread of germs and viruses because of a longer lasting formula.
  • Non-corrosive formula that maximises instrument usage and surface maintenance leading to financial savings.

Cut Time // Bacoban leaves behind a nano layer with continuing activity infused with biocides, allowing up to 10 days antipathogen protection.

  • Bacoban covers the hygiene gap left behind by many conventional disinfectants leaving time and flexibility to focus on other areas of business operation.
  • Reduction of necessary cleaning by more than 50% as Bacoban’s ultra-thin nano layer additionally establishes an easy-to-clean surface.
  • Improvement of surface protection through regular use of Bacoban as the result of the ultra-thin layers built up on the surface by repeated application.
  • Contaminants find it more difficult to adhere to the surface which ultimately leads to further improvement of hygiene standards.

Bacoban offers lasting value for many business sectors looking for the best investment in cleaning and disinfection.

Paramyxovirus · Bacoban kills viruses in 5 minutes