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Disinfection with Bacoban

Proper Planning helps to:

  • 2. CaptureEnsure the elimination or reduction of pathogens.
  • Prevent further movement of pathogens.
  • Ensure the safety of response personnel.
  • Secure a biosafe environment.
  • Minimise the possibility that a lack of resources impedes during the cleaning and disinfection process.


  • Information gathered to assist with planning disinfection response.
  • Property assessment.
  • Determine areas and items requiring cleaning and disinfection.
  • Identify potentially hazardous situations.
  • Identify the location of drainages and run off destinations.
  • Estimate time frames needed to address situations.


Execution overview of disinfection with Bacoban: proper planning, assessment and procedure.

Rabies · Bacoban kills viruses in 5 minutes