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The Aviation Industry in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf is experiencing a boom, as the region transforms itself into a central international business hub and the holiday destination of choice. Airlines are expanding their fleets in order to meet the growing influx of travellers and visitors to the region.  This increase in people traffic places a new demand for excellent cleaning and disinfection measures to be implemented in aircraft and airports to maintain hygienic environments provided for passengers as a first step to preventing disease transmission. Large growth figures in fleet and passenger numbers demand highest technological and innovative advances in the area of cleaning and disinfection.

International aviation approvals – AMS1451B, AMS1452B, AMS1550B, Boeing D6-7127 Rev, Boeing D6-17487 Rev T

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An ideal business partner for commercial airlines, charter companies and business operators, Bacoban offers a new multi-dimensional approach to surface cleaning and disinfection that leads the way for extended antipathogen protection. It maintains exceptional hygiene standards during rapid, high volumes of passenger turnaround. A product that balances the needs of health protection and safety from infection with effective business sense.

Bacoban Offers

Business Projections

Air passengers by 2020 in the Middle East
Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways PASSENGER CAPACITY to QUADRUPLE to 200 million.
Airbus predicts MIDDLE EAST FLEET to TREBLE.
Predicted by Boeing for 2029

Bacoban offers a multi-dimensional approach to surface cleaning and disinfection, an ideal partner for the airline industry.

  • Bacoban is an ideal business partner for commercial airlines, charter companies and business operators.
  • Bacoban’s unique formula brings three dimensional nanotechnology to achieve high hygiene and sanitation standards in airline interior maintenance.
  • Ideal for aircraft galleys, rest areas, cabins, food service areas, lavatories.
Coronavirus · Bacoban kills viruses in 5 minutes