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Bacoban offers advanced cleaning and disinfection for the Leisure Industry including spas, resorts, swimming pools, theme parks, gyms and fitness centres.

Swimming pool water must undergo treatment in order to remain clear and clean from harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens.

Since swimming pools differ in function, size and conditions, it is equally important is to have cleaning systems in place that properly maintain hygienic swimming pool areas that are popular with many visitors during the high heat temperatures.

  • Bacoban‘s active anti-pathogen formula is a highly effective, versatile disinfectant agent that can cater for the different cleaning and maintenance demands of swimming pools, steam room and sauna areas. Its surface disinfection formula has proved so highly effective that cleaning procedures can be reduced from every 2 hours to once a day.
  • Effective for : Diving towers, platforms, boards, toilets and changing room facilities, showers and footbaths, dressing rooms, walls and ceilings, closets, showers, hand basins and toilets.
  • Prevents bacteria and fungi from forming and spreading in moist, humid environments.
  • With good hygiene and proper swimming pool maintenance, prevention against contamination and swimming pool related illnesses is the result.

Bacoban against Fungi

Chlorine kills viruses, bacteria and parasites which may already exist or be introduced into the water. However since fungi are resistant to chlorine it cannot kill or stop the spread of fungi. Fungal infections can be contracted or easily spread from walking barefoot around the pool or communal shower areas.

Bacoban‘s anti-pathogen formula has proved effective in the fight against fungi such as psoriasis, athlete’s foot or ringworm. Regular use of Bacoban builds an anti-microbial barrier that prevents fungi recolonising on surfaces or infections spreading amongst swimmers.

  • Educate public about disease.
  • Make use of pre-swim showers.
  • Wear sandals in pool area, changing rooms and showers.
  • Frequently clean surfaces in pool facilities that are prone to infection and spread of the fungi.
  • Pool Disinfection Test

Bacoban Microbial Protection

Maintaining correct disinfectant levels and routine cleaning are key to overcoming microbial contamination of swimming pools, natural spas and hot tubs.

Under normal operating conditions, some disinfectants quickly dissipate, making it difficult to provide the adequate disinfectant levels required. Bacoban‘s longer lasting formula has been especially produced to kill bacteria, virus and fungi for up to 10 days, closing the hygiene gap in between each clean, making it safer to maintain disinfectant procedures in pools and spas where surrounding surfaces continue to be protected.

Bacteria found in swimming pools and similar environments and their associated infections:

  • Risk factors increase due to the high usage of these leisure areas resulting in possible inhalation of bacteria, accidentally ingesting water, or unclean shower and toilet areas.
  • Preventable through regular disinfection and cleaning routine and of spa areas, hot tubs and pool equipment including pipes and air-conditioning units.

Effective maintenance strategies to include:

  • Constant circulation of water in hot tubs.
  • Planned ‘rest periods to discourage excessive use which gives the disinfectant levels a chance to recover.
  • Frequent inspection and cleaning of all of filters.

Bacoban is effective against a broad spectrum of microorgansms. (See full table)

Bacoban‘s active anti-pathogen formula is highly effective in areas including, spas, swimming pools, resorts and theme parks.