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Conventional Disinfectants

Although conventional disinfectants are effective immediately after application, the protection is short-lived. Microorganisms are killed only a few minutes after exposure. However once the disinfectant evaporates the treated area becomes liable for microbial reinfection. Until the next disinfection a gap has been created for new settlement of microorganisms and pathogens.

A New Dimension of Infection Control

Bacoban’s long lasting formula has been especially created to improve the safety between the individual disinfecting steps, effectively closing the hygiene gap. This advanced formula is skillful weapon for the control and elimination of germs and viruses. Regular use of Bacoban leads to further improvement of the surface as the ultra-thin nanoscale layer builds up resistance making it more difficult for the contaminants to adhere to the surface. This results in stronger protection and improved hygienic environment.



Bacoban has been created to improve the safety between the individual disinfecting steps.

Staphylococcus aureus · Bacoban kills bacteria in 5 minutes (EN 1040, EN 1276)